Friday, November 5, 2010

Want a Tip in the Cup?

It is with great pleasure that Placebo Power announces the release of its newest formulation- Memory Boost.
Ever used the expression, when searching for the answer to a question, "the answer is on the tip of my tongue"?
Well None Labs has bottled it- literally. Memory Boost is made in exactly the same way as Digitum and the well known homeopathic preparation Occillococcinum, the only difference being that instead of fingers and duck livers, Memory Boost is made with real human tongues, or just the tips to be precise.
First the tongue tips are fermented for a month in a little water until they become an amorphous goo which is then strained and diluted using classic homeopathic techniques to produce Memory Boost. Nothing else is added, just water and pure tongue tips. That's right Memory Boost is preservative free.
It looks like water, tastes like water but when the answer is "on the tip of my tongue" a swig of Memory Boost may just make the difference.
Listen to what Jenny from Malabar says about Memory Boost," Last week I couldn't remember my PIN number and needed cash in a hurry. I took a swig of Memory Boost and the numbers 1,2,3,4 and then 8 flashed before my eyes. In seconds I had the cash and it all went on Americain (#8) in the Cup. We are now going on a tropical holiday thanks to Memory Boost. Thank you Dr. None".
Get Memory Boost today.
The answer is in the bottle.

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