Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Homeopathic tooth care

Placebo Power is proud to announce the launch of 'Homeotooth', a breakthrough in tooth care for growing teeth.

Homeotooth may look like water and taste like water but the secret is in the infinite dilution process that sets Homeotooth apart from other tooth care products.

Simply purchase a bottle of Homeotooth concentate and follow the instructions* printed on the bottle to make your own tooth enamel hardening preparation. One bottle will last a lifetime. Properly diluted, Homeotooth will strengthen enamel and lead to the growth of stronger, healthier teeth.

* The Homeotooth Dilution Process
  • Pour all but a few drops of the contents of the bottle of Homeotooth down the sink.
  • Fill with water from the tap.
  • Repeat this process seven times.
  • Drink liberally.
  • Always leave a few drops in the bottle before refilling from the tap.

Note: guarantee voided in areas with a non-fluoridated water supply.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Four More Miracles from None

The boffins at None Laboratories have really been inspired by the success of H2zerO
They've come up with 4 new remedies that are sure to be equally popular.
All are Placebo-Active and formulated to ensure maximum Placebo effect with NO side-effects.

They are (left to right above)-
1. Dr. None's Magical Mystery Cure- effective for all mystery ailments
2. Amazing Hair Restorer- this product is guaranteed to put hairs on your head.
3. Incredible Spirit Remover- never be spooked again. DIY exorcisms in a bottle.
4. Homeopathic style Elixer of Youth- Feel young again with this remarkable product. Contains K9P

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tapping the Mind

In order to bring Placebo Power to the masses, Drs. None and Cox have launched a new product which has exactly the same active ingredient as all their other popular medications- none.

Called simply H2zerO it is a Placebo-Active alternative to bottled water and contains absolutely no substance with any therapeutic activity so that you can be assured that any benefit you feel is due to the incredible power of your own mind.
Look for H2zerO at supermarkets, service stations and cafes near you soon.
Because anything is possible.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Placebo Power Pioneer Promoted to Professor

Placebo researcher Dr. Michael Cox has been rewarded for his pioneering work at the prestigious Placebo Power Institute with a professorship by Institute Vice Chancellor Dr. O. None.

In announcing the promotion Dr. None said, " Dr. Cox's research has resulted in many discoveries in the field of Placebo medicine but perhaps none is more significant than his revelation that there is indeed life before death. His conceptualisation of genuine pre-death experiences* and the breathing technique it led to, have brought such joy and fulfillment to so many people that the World may never be the same again".

Professor Cox will now spearhead the Institute's R&D team for the forseeable future.

* patent pending

Monday, July 13, 2009

PP Launches Homepathy +

Imagine a therapy with the proven power of the Placebo plus the incredible mystery of Homeopathy.

Well, that's exactly what leading Placebo Power practitioner Dr. Michael Cox has done. Working at the prestigious Placebo Power Institute, Dr. Cox conducted a thought experiment which
reasoned that-

"if miniscule quantities of a substance can bring about recovery, then taking this notion just one step further, it became abundantly clear that providing patients with remedies that contain absolutely none at all of any active substance would enhance the efficacy of these remedies by several orders of magnitude".
A peer revue by Placebo Power Institute Vice Chancellor, Dr O. None confirmed the logic of this approach.
Already many of Dr. Cox's patients are experiencing the positive effects of this new addition to the Placebo Power stable of treatments.
Dr. Cox calls this breathtaking breakthrough Homeopathy +.

The boffins at None Laboratories are busy formulating a preparation based on this startling discovery which should be available commercially soon.