Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Re-Tox, calorie-free junk food.

Ever got the craving for a hamburger late at night or miles from the nearest Maccas.  Tough isn't it?  Your body is craving High GI fats and sugars but you just can't get your hands on any.  Agony.

Or perhaps you are on a Macca-free diet for some strange reason that your body doesn't quite understand and is resisting violently.

Well the answer to your dilemma could be as close as this new preparation from None.  It's called Re-Tox and has all the (memory of) the animal fats, simple sugars and lot fed protein of a Big Mac without the calories.

How is this possible you say?  Simple.

The boffins at None Labs simply blended a Big Mac and fries with a little water, strained the resulting goop to obtain an essence which was then diluted many times using classic Homeopathic techniques to produce Re-Tox, complementary medicines answer to the munchies.

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