Sunday, May 24, 2009

Get a Life, Get the Book

Now you too can feel the the joy that only genuine Pre-Death experiences can give.
In their new book, Experience Life Before Death in Two Minutes & Fifty Seconds, celebrity Placebopaths, Dr. M. Cox and Dr. O. None reveal the results of their research at the prestigious Placebo Power Institute.
Using a new breathing technique, patented by the two doctors, patients have been able to induce genuine Pre-death or 'future-life' experiences never dreamed of before.
"If you aren't achieving Pre-Death experiences as described in our book, you aren't really alive," says Dr. None.
Get your copy of the book that will change your life at all good bookstores. Only $29.95
But wait, there's more. Many patients choose to change their name to compliment their new lives. With each copy you'll receive, ABSOLUTELY FREE, a copy of "EVERY NATIVE NAME KNOWN", a compendium of names from 'Aardvarkus' to 'Zottomica drawn from native tribes from Africa to Alaska.

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