Monday, July 13, 2009

PP Launches Homepathy +

Imagine a therapy with the proven power of the Placebo plus the incredible mystery of Homeopathy.

Well, that's exactly what leading Placebo Power practitioner Dr. Michael Cox has done. Working at the prestigious Placebo Power Institute, Dr. Cox conducted a thought experiment which
reasoned that-

"if miniscule quantities of a substance can bring about recovery, then taking this notion just one step further, it became abundantly clear that providing patients with remedies that contain absolutely none at all of any active substance would enhance the efficacy of these remedies by several orders of magnitude".
A peer revue by Placebo Power Institute Vice Chancellor, Dr O. None confirmed the logic of this approach.
Already many of Dr. Cox's patients are experiencing the positive effects of this new addition to the Placebo Power stable of treatments.
Dr. Cox calls this breathtaking breakthrough Homeopathy +.

The boffins at None Laboratories are busy formulating a preparation based on this startling discovery which should be available commercially soon.

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