Tuesday, December 8, 2009

APMS formed

Recently the Vice Cancellor of the prestigous Placebo Power Institute, Dr. O. None made representations to the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, ATMS, for the inclusion of Placebology as an accredited natural medicine.
Unfortunately this approach fell on deaf ears and the Australian Placebo Medicine Society, APMS, was born.
APMS will solely accredit Placebopaths, so that consumers can have complete faith when dealing with an accredited APMS member that all remedies dispensed are Placebo-Active*.
A logo is currently being developed and coffee mugs, T shirts, pens and paperweights should be available soon.
Drs. None, Cox and Berlecky are now proud announce that they are the foundation members of APMS.
Copyright None Laboratories 2009

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Prof. Cox said...

I suspect some professional jealousy may be at play here. Placebo medicine, as we know, has the potential to so upstage its fellow natural therapy practitioners who still cling to the now outdated notion of some sort of biologically active substances effecting health improvement.
The prospect of dramatic cure without active ingredients of any type no doubt has these old fuddy duddies in a spin with the solid ground knocked out from beneath them. I look forward to seeing their expression at the next conference.