Thursday, January 7, 2010

Absolutely Shamtastic

GUDHARA HOLISTIC SANCTURY is conducting a 3 day course in 'ecoshamanism' from friday 26 – sunday 28 february 2010.

The email I received promises that over the weekend you will:

  • explore techniques of traditional shamanism and modern eco-shamanism
  • understand how ancient knowledge/wisdom can be applied to modern sustainability issues
  • gain clarity, insight and understanding for both personal and bigger-picture problems
  • meet your totem animal and ancestors
  • raise your awareness and understanding of your role in protecting and living more harmoniously with nature
  • learning outcomes are claimed to include-

    • learn journeying techniques
    • communicate and connect with nature / nature spirits
    • experience altered states of consciousness
    • learn skills to help you transform your lifestyle to be more ecocentric
    • access and optimise power-filled hidden aspects of self
    • experience sacred rituals and ceremonies
    With the World at crisis point on so many fronts what better course of action could a committed, practical environmentalist take than to spend a weekend covorting with his/her totem animal, experiencing altered states of consciousness and learning how the ancient practices of shamanism and sacred rituals helped primitive societies cope when up to 50% of their infants died in their first year of life, life expectancy was about half the present average and the technology by which you are reading this (and I received Gudhara's email) was inconceivable.
    All for only $295 too.

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    Kevin (Rainbow Serpent) Johnstone said...

    You may well make fun of things like ecoshamanism but I think it may be what so many people need at the moment.
    I was considering doing environmental science at uni this year but this sounds like a cheaper and quicker option. I'm going to sign up.
    I'll bet that by early March you'll start to see the graduates of this course start to make a significant difference to the health and harmony of the planet.
    Scientists will be baffled as to why the climate is righting itself and Tony Abbott will say it was ok all along but we'll know that it was Gudhara that saved us.