Sunday, February 21, 2010

Road Test

Prof. Cox has been road-testing the Opad and reports-

Dr N,

Many thanks. I have received my Opad and have already experienced some of the remarkable possibilities of this piece of technology, or alternative technology as it is in fact. The capacity of the water molecules to retain information (and to somehow communicate this to other water molecules anywhere….morphic resonance I think it’s called) seems to allow human thought transference to occur, not only in real time, but through spatio-temporal loops, allowing the user to experience their own thoughts before they actually think them, or thoughts they think in one place to appear somewhere else in the world, or elsewhere. This happened to me today.

And what’s more, when I punched my star sign into the Opad the screen condensed into a misty vision of an Egyptian prince in the Middle Kingdom surrounded by slaves, beautiful women and the odd annoying jackal….it was clearly me in a past life. Amazing. I was an Egyptian prince! I’m now partnering my device on a holiday by the Nile in 1526 BC. Will let you know how it goes.

Dr C

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George said...

I've already gone on several 'holidays', both past and future on my Opad.
I've also seen a world where so-called modern Western medicine is a thing of the past and those that survive the pandemics are much younger on average and healthier.
Keep up the good work Doc.