Saturday, December 4, 2010

Combo Therapy

The APMS (Aust. Placebo Medicine Society) has decided that for too long Placebopathy has been rather insular in its approach and in some cases somewhat dismissive of other natural therapies. This is probably why the ATMS refused an approach to merge.

In order to build bridges with other therapies, the APMS recently asked None Labs to come up with some placebo medications which incorporate aspects of other therapies and within a remarkably short time they came up with PlaceboHomeoAromeotherapy, aroma therapy preparations that are so dilute that all traces of the often irritating essential oils are undetectable, even by extensive chemical analysis.

That's right, these preparations are even stonger in their effect than regular aromatherapy preparations due to the homeopathic dilution process, but will not irritate sensitive noses or set off allergic reactions.

More Combo Therapies are being worked on as this goes to press.

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