Monday, November 19, 2012

New Fruit May be the Answer

None Labs has had it's boffins in Sarawak for the last few years on the lookout for rare and exotic fruit that might be useful in supplying a cure for all manner of human ailments.
They've discovered the Dabai, which resembles the olive and could probably be processed in a like manner, although this is not necessary.
Dr. None intends to have specially trained bands of orangutans harvest the fruits and bring them back to a central processing plant for crushing.
"This way we will be protecting the orangutans by making them useful and supplying a product that may be of immense benefit to humans.  It's a win-win," he said
Like all None Labs products the Dabai extract will be diluted according to homeopathic principles to almost the composition of pure water so that the chance of any nasty side-effects will be completely negated.

DABAI-  it's the new Goji.

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