Saturday, March 6, 2010

Merger on the cards

Dr. None, as President of the APMS, has written to the President of the Australian Homoeopathic Association and suggested a merger of the two organisations. This follows the findings of a UK committee of MPs which found that Homoeopathic remedies are in fact placebos and that Homoeopaths are in fact deceiving their patients every time they dispense a remedy.

Since the two organisations are obviously dispensing the same product and have the same aims, the treatment of the sick and the alleviation of suffering, he has proposed a new combined APHMS which could continue to dispense placebo remedies but would still have the mystique of Homoeopathy associated with it as a bonus.

"Imagine remedies with the efficacy of placebos and the old world magic of homoeopathy. What an unbelievably powerful combination in the marketplace," he said when asked about how the public might see a merged APMS and AHA.

Dr. None is still to hear back from the AHA but is confident that it will be keen on some form of combined body in order to boost its flagging credibility with the public.

"Perhaps they'd rather call the new organisation the AHPMS, AHPMA or AHPA. I could live with that," he said.

"Our motto, Credulatum Omnia, is not negotiable though," he added. "In any event it would seem entirely appropriate to the new, merged organisation."

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