Tuesday, March 9, 2010

World's Biggest Computer

The boffins at None Labs have done the calculations and found that the Opad is in fact the world's largest computer. At 8 Zottabytes it has a capacity of almost 3 million times that of all the information stored worldwide in 2000.

Another first for None.


S. Jobs said...

I don't believe it. How can this be?

Editor said...

Our logic goes like this Steve-
Each water molecule equals 1 bit. There are 8 bits to the byte or Hydrobytes as we call them.
Since each Opad contains 200ml there are approximately 10 moles of water in each device.
Each mole as you may remember from Chemistry class contains 623000000000000000000000 molecules of water.
This means each Opad has 800000000000000000000000 hydrobytes or 8 Zottabytes of memory capacity.
Bet you wish you'd thought of it first.

W. Gates said...